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Scentify Aroma Oil Refill

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5th ave
White Tea
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A luxurious scent that soothes, relaxes, and invigorates. Cool eucalyptus aromas along with complex bergamot fresh acidic notes offer an inviting call to lie back and enjoy life at its most blissful. Secondary notes of white tea along with an array of powdery scents round out this journey of bliss.

A scent lavishly introducing an aura of leathery intimacy with sweet and woody tones. The whispers of breezy, floral mid-tones round out this elegant and stately fragrance as you enjoy a leisurely stroll down factory lane.

Enter a world of well-being, romance and comfort with a scent that invites you to kick back and settle in. Creamy and cashmere notes lead the way, accompanied by a soft floral feel, and topped off with musky wood scents. MIAMI is an oasis of tranquility in a hurried world.

5th Avenue:
An oil that evokes life’s freshest aromas, led by soft, sweet, and sensual berry properties and accompanied by leafy floral notes. An energizing scent with attractive feminine overtones, 5th Ave represents a luscious garden whose sweet botanical smells are as confidently upbeat as they are warm and welcoming.

The iconic City of Light comes to life in this invigorating and passion-filled essence. Luscious and airy top notes lead off a sweet and gallant fragrance that evokes romance and nostalgia via whispers of an intoxicating array of leathery, musky properties. This rich and intense oil is as majestic as the city whose name it bears, and invites life at its most vivid into any space.

White Tea:
Wellness and leisure invite you to luxuriate in this unmistakably soothing fragrance. Strong and clean tones of ozone and citrus make their presence felt as more delicate and subtle white tea properties are lifted by subtle hints of wood. White Tea represents life the way you want it remembered.

Heaven and earth converge as the soft aromas of lavender are paired with the heavy scents of musk to produce this calming and sensual blend. Relax and unwind with the fresh, floral middle notes, while the warm, earthy whiffs of cedar wood and warm vanilla round out a scent that is inviting, comforting and intoxicating.

An effervescent, yet deep scent that is welcoming and sensuous. Famously associated with The Edition Hotel in tropical Florida, Noir fuses the breeze of freshly cut wood and black tea with the aromatic properties of bergamot, lemon, rose and cloves to create an essence that is dry, sweet, and seductively balanced.

Bright blue skies cast their spell with this vivacious, enchanting fragrance. An array of zesty citrus properties brightened by fruity and peppery notes are rounded out with warm patchouli and an assortment of earthy base scents to conjure up the unmistakable feelings of warm vacation days where white sand meets pristine blue water.

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100 mL

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Aroma Oil Refill