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Joolz Aer+ Travel Stroller Classic Looks

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Stone Grey
Forest Green
Navy Blue
Sage Green
Sandy Taupe
Space Black
ETA: Late March
Dimensions and Weight
What's Included

Super extended sunhood: With the Joolz Aer+ you're all set for strolls anytime, anywhere. The ultra large sun hood, offers both protection (UPF 50+) and extra ventilation.
Supportive seat: The Joolz Aer+ has got your back! Seriously, the supportive seat offers the perfect comfort for your baby's neck and back in any position possible
Reclinable seat: Get ready for exciting adventures and laidback strolls with the Joolz Aer+. Use the seated position to make sure your little one won’t miss a thing. And when the tiredness kicks in, you can easily switch to the relax position for a fantastic nap
Harness: Brace for impact! The Joolz Aer+ contains a 5-point click & go buckle and a harness with adjustable straps.
Great driving comfort: Thanks to the wheels with suspension and high handlebar (107cm), you'll be smooth sailing from now on.

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 32.7 inch
Width: 17.7 inch
Height: 41.5 inch
Length: 21 inch
Width: 17.7 inch
Height: 8.5 inch
Front wheel size: 5.1 inch
Rear wheel size: 5.9 inch
Seat backrest length: 21.7 inch
Seat backrest width: 13.4 inch
Max capacity pushchair: 50 lbs
Max capacity shopping basket: 11 lbs

What's Included

Joolz Aer+
Travel Pouch