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Delore Baby Blanket Girls



Frosted Zebra Mauve/Glacier White
Tie Dye Luxe Rose/Heather Luxe Rosewater
Luxe Crackle Rosewater/Luxe Cuddle Tuscany Rosewater
Luxe Mamba Woodrose/Luxe Cuddle Willow Rosewood
Ridge Mauve/Solid Rosewater
Tie Dye Luxe Rose/Solid Cream
Calf Rose/Luxe Cuddle Willow Rosewood
Glacier Ice Pink & Bobcat Plumwine
Luxe Rose Ivory & Luxe Hot Pink
Foster Fox Beet & Lux Crackled Wine
Luxe Seal Lace Rosewater & Solid White
Boa Dusty Rose/Luxe Marble Berri
Fawn Rosewater & Minky Dot cream
Ice Chinchilla Rose & Stripe Woodrose
Luxe Cream & Prism Rose Wine
Heather Luxe Rosewater & Luxe Rosewood
Luxe Marble Purple & Glacier White
Heather Luxe Sangria & Luxe Rosewood
Luxe Rose Rosewood & Luxe Rosewood
Iced Chinchilla Rose & Glacier Mauve Glow
Marble Berry & Wildrose Luxe
White Luxe Rose & Rosewood Luxe Rose
Rosewater Arctic Fox & Rosewater Luxe
Arctic Lynx Wild Rose & Luxe Wild Rose
Siberian Leopard Silver & Luxe Ice Pink
Boa Dusty Rose & Luxe Rose White
Paloma Rosewater & Glacier White
Fawn Rosewater & Glacier Ice Pink
Heather Luxe Rosewater & Luxe Rose Rosewood
Boa Python & Luxe Ice Pink
Silver Fox & Luxe Wild Rose
Calf Rose & Luxe Rose Rosewood
Luxe Marble Purple & Sweater Heather Elderberry
Forest Fox Beet Double Sided
Cotton Candy Tie Dye & Luxe Light Pink
Luxe Rosewater & Luxe Crackle Rosewater
Heather Luxe Rosewater & Jupiter Rosewater
Luxe Light Pink & Jaguar Blush
Luxe Rosewood & Silver Fox
Heather Luxe Sangria & Ridge Mauve
Luxe Rosewater & Iced Chinchilla Rose
Luxe Rose Rosewood & Luxe Rose Ivory
Dimensions and Weight
What's Included
Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 30" x 36"

What's Included